Wednesday, July 27, 2011

ELF Studio Cream Eyeshadows

WARNING: I didn't do as a great of a job taking pictures of these swatches and labeling them so just bare with me :)

I know many of you have been dying to try this product.  I just began the training for my job, and I haven't been able to fully review/test these babies out because I don't want them to start fading during my 7-hour day! However, I imagined most of you would appreciate seeing swatches and hearing what I think so far...


Originally, I just had one shade: Dawn.  I did research and read reviews on these cream shadows and Dawn seemed to get the most hype. Just as a heads up, Candlelight is still the one that gives people the most trouble as far as the product's consistency goes. 

Although Dawn is a beautiful, shimmery, taupe shade...I realized that after receiving the rest of my cream eyeshadows, I noticed that the consistency and feel of Dawn wasn't as creamy and smooth as all the other ones I had purchased at a later date.  Understand that my product may be a faulty one, but regardless...I still enjoy the shade. This is the only one that I have worn on it's own, and it seemed to hold up pretty well without creasing.

Natural Glow is a very shimmery, gold color with flecks of gold glitter.

Teal Party is a light, teal blue with golden shimmer.

Bronzed is a very pigmented copper color.

Eggplant is a medium purple with a metallic sheen.

Finally, Dawn is the cool-toned, taupe shade.  You can see in the swatch that there is a little clump of the cream eyeshadow. I haven't had that problem with the other cream eyeshadows, the clumping, but I haven't used the other ones enough to know if that happens later or not.

Hopefully I can review these more in-depth later and actually place them on my lids so you can see!
 Stay tuned for that!


Sidney said...

These are really pretty - I'm thinking about putting together a giveaway and some of these should be included :) Love the swatches!

Steph said...

Hmm... I have Dawn and Bronzed and love them. I'm pretty sure I need Natural Glow now. Thanks! :)